Incorrect Norton subscription Login date –

If you are confronting with the issue that your Norton antivirus is not showing the correct Norton subscription Login date or a correct number of remaining days. Then, this type of error may occur in your Norton account due to some issues and one of the most common issues is you might have not installed the correct Norton product which you paid for.

Norton subscription Login date

There are so many products offered by Norton targeting the multiple needs of the consumer such as Norton internet security, Norton Wi-Fi Privacy, Norton Small Business, Norton Password Manager, Norton Studio and Norton Utilities. Don’t worry you can follow the steps which we are going to enlist here, hope that it will help you to overcome the error.

Steps to overcome Norton Subscription Login Date error:

  1. Go to this link and Log in your Norton account
  2. Go to the “Norton Setup” window, hit the “Download Norton”
  3. In case you want to link the new product which you have not synced it yet with your Norton account then hit “Enter a New Product key”
  4. Enter the product key and hit OK
  5. Hit the “Agree & Download”
  6. Now, according to your browser do anyone:
    1. If you have Internet Explorer then hit “Run”
    2. If you have Chrome then go on to the bottom left corner and double-click the downloaded file
    3. If you have Firefox and Safari then go to the top-right corner of the browser, then select the download option now double-click the downloaded file
  7. In case “User Account Control” pop- up appears then click “Yes” or “Continue”
  8. Follow the given instructions
  9. Now, your Norton antivirus has been successfully installed and activated on your system

For more information on how to fix the Norton subscription Login date in your Norton antivirus via this link, you can call the customer care number. They will assist you with the diligence.

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